The topsoil tooth fairy

Just a week ago I was lamenting the lack of spare topsoil lying about.  And obviously the tooth fairy reads my blog; because today I have wheelbarrow loads of the stuff.

And how did this miracle occur? I paid attention to unremarkable parts of the farm and actually noticed a treasure trove.

The unsightly bank in front of the septic tank is a mess of nettles, brambles, vines and every other weed known to this farm.  I had strimmed it closely a month or so ago. And then it rained.repairs

And a bit like an archeological treasure being unearthed by a freak high tide; so a huge pile of lovely topsoil was revealed by the heavy rain.

It does take a bit of imagination to see it. There is a fresh crop of nettles just coming into leaf all over the mound. And there are bramble roots that needed levering out.

But it’s rich and gorgeous and just what I needed to fill in the damage left by the boar.  I had a merry afternoon of excavating and wheeling my barrow full of soil all over the orchard and lower terraces.

I didn’t come in until it was so dark I really couldn’t distinguish lawn from lawn damage.  So I have parked the barrow next to the wall, and hope to resume tomorrow.   I don’t want another heavy downfall to wash this new found treasure away.