The spring sow

All week our trusty Meteo France weather website predicted rain so I reserved the morning for sowing seeds for the spring and summer crops. Actually it was overcast and breezy, but not wet. But on I surged up to the shed for some serious seed work regardless. I don’t think the temperature has risen above 12C, but I thought that if all the seeds were sown today then they had a good three weeks to germinate before my return. And naturally when I do return there will be yet one more list of chores to try and fit into a short trip.

And the potatoes are chitting indoors while all this fast action takes place.

Here is the list:
Savoy cabbage
Swiss chard
Kale – Cavollo Nero
Beetroot bolthardy
Echinacaea purpurea magnus
Agastache liquorice blue
Broad beans
Greyhound cabbage
Purple sprouting broccoli
White beetroot
Miscanthus sinsensis
Everlasting pea (lathyrus latifolius)
Nasturtium milkmaid
Deschampsia fluxuosa
Actea rubra

I decided that all the stipas that were sown in the autumn and survived the rather gaspingly cold winter are going to have to come out. There is just no room to spare in there right now.  But where to put them? Well I suppose the spare shade garden will do for now. Or maybe the bank below the pool? It’s going to take a phalanx of grasses to secure that area – and I don’t have them right now.

I finished the day with yet another session of bark chipping; and filling the holes in the road (well slalom course) that is our road to the house with stones.