The season begins

first chestnut harvestThe morning work was halted by a huge rain and thunder storm. Two inches of rain fell in just a few hours. I was forced to climb into my painting clothes and Do The Beams as I couldn’t go outside and play.

Six years on and I am still painting these wretched ceilings.

This time it was the gap that has been opened up in the latest round of renovations. And for the very first time I haven’t had to slop on five coats of paint just to cover up the deep dark brown stain. They were hidden inside what once was an alcove so I just had to put down three.

But that’s hardly exciting news. And I’m certainly not going to bore you with a white on white ceiling shot of painted French beams.

No, it’s my first bucket of chestnuts instead. The first of many for the season. And this batch were hoiked out of the net that stayed in place under the tree despite the storm.

I rattled about under the trees revelling in the fog and stillness after such a violent morning’s weather.  Winter wet and summer dry – that’s the south east of France.