The pernicious whiff from a bulb planter in the heat

Now you know the perils of wearing polyester fleeces in hot weather.  It may wick the perspiration away from the skin; but it doesn’t half make you smell.

Sorry to be so graphic but I wore too many layers early this morning and then forgot to shed them as the temperature rose.

I blame the obsessive need to get my bulbs in the ground while the soil is moist.

But mainly I blame being so far from home. I was planting allium purple sensations and narcissus Thalia down by the letter box around noon. It is a long plod.bucket of bulbs

And as I was marching back up with my empty bucket, fork and trowell I was marvelling at the shimmering heat and just how much I reek.

So it’s a lunchtime change of clothes, nosh, and then I need to weed the herb garden area before I can get the other alliums into the ground.  I will be wearing a t shirt and my largest sunhat.