The last wall

completed wallSo here it is: the finished article.   Lunchtime today Nicolas was backfilling the soil behind the wall while I was sowing grass seeds on the bare earth in front.   Wonderful to have it done.   And so quickly in terms of walls.   I am delighted to say that the cement mixer goes away today and may not return. Tidy at last.

I didn’t have any time for gardening today: just managed to sow some gaura summer breeze seeds, some normal gaura, climbing beans fasold and blue lake.   And I potted on some basil.   The rest of the day was spent clearing out the first floor of our guest house.

Twas a trudge to clear out three years of accumulated junk and spider webs. And sweep and vacuum this huge space.   It’s twice as large as my first ever apartment, and will be amazing once it’s done.

For an encore I cleared out the calabert’s wood supply using the car as a giant wheelbarrow.   And everything is hidden neatly down in the stables.   Thank goodness there’s another building on the property we can hide stuff.

At least with every trip I managed to sniff the just-out lilac bush: I never realised the white lilac had such a wonderful perfume as it only flowered for a week last year, and that was during a rainy spell.   And that reminds me, tomorrow first thing I must water the veg. lilac in bloom