The grasses in the winter garden

It’s like looking at a sea.  A great tide of lovely the ornamental grass eragrostis curvula on the pool garden bank. I do love this crop.

And if anyone has planted grasses and is wondering why it doesn’t put on a show I have the answer. Time. 1winter grasses miscanthusGrasses take a lot of time to bulk up and look impressive.

These eragrostis are about four years old now and they have only now reached their potential.

I can’t say the miscanthus just beside the bank is as successful in winter. It took quite a battering from the snow.

Upright grasses look like they have been taken to with stiff broom when snow settles on them.  But fear not; this is February. My month when I have to cut back all the grasses in the garden. It takes days.

But it is a sure sign that spring is coming.