The first daffodils of spring

daffsemergingYee hah, I’m back  at the farm.  And getting a sniff of spring. The snow has melted and as I walked about in the early evening I think I spotted a bit of yellow over at the duck pond.

And this morning I confirmed. Here is the first daffodil of spring.  Just one. But the rest will follow by the weekend.

It’s funny, I have bought bunches and bunches of the daffs at the supeassisantrmarket in London. And they are gorgeous.  But nothing beats growing your own.

I won’t have enough for a large bunch for the house alas. Remind me to order hundreds more in my autumn order. So I will hold off picking them and just make a pilgrimage to visit them every day.

And speaking of pilgrimage; the first thing I usually do when I get home to the farm is to head up to the potting shed.

Thank goodness I gave it a good tidy before I left. It is a pleasure to walk into.  But it has been warm in there and the gaura and grasses are looking a touch dessicated. I started to do some rather remedial watering when there was a rustle in the corner and Artur emerged. I have no idea where he was sleeping. Underneath the table on a net of nests perhaps.

But now that he knows I’m back there is no more hidden snoozing. He is up on the bench top and purring and fussing. Just lovely.