The factory floor

mulching factoryI’ve been meaning to get round to this job for ages. A mighty session of chipping sticks.   I piled them up in the courtyard last night – rain was forecast.   And found a perfect chore for a drizzly day.

And what a bounty: I have produced about five sacks of well chipped sticks from this pile. I can hopefully leave the two thin beds that lead out from the calabert barn from now on.   Less weeds, about six inches of mulch. mulch on calabert garden

mulch on calabert garden 1It looks a bit green right now, but that will settle down.   I was going to add more to the tricky steep slope just above these beds.   But I can’t work out how the mulch will ‘stick on’.   I think I will just let the weeds take hold and hold the steep bank together and just keep the growth down to a short back and sides.