The daisy dilemma

The Potager Dec 09From a distance you don’t see it.   But look closely and you will find that our resident deer is still haunting the garden. Poor creature. Freezing cold and windy and dark. And all she has to supplement her meagre diet over this season are a few straggly leeks.

That can’t be fun. I took the rake to tidy up the potager just after Christmas and to erase the footprints of said deer.   But she was back the very next night cropping the tops off the leeks and working her way down the row.Daisy steps

I don’t mind (I’m not a fan of leeks myself). And even felt a pang of guilt that I don’t have anything juicier for her to steal.   But I’m not about to fall into the trap of leaving her proper food just to get her through the winter.   That would be disastrous come the growing season. And the wrath of gardener when confronted by marauding ruminant is not to be ignored.

Leeks ChristmasAnd this thought was even before we noticed that she has taken to stripping the bark off the wooden pole supports right at the front door of the house.   Now that’s what I call peckish.   Here’s hoping she doesn’t spot the little daffodil shoots that are just staring to poke out of the soil and grass in front of the house. That would be heartbreaking indeed.