The Ardèche in autumn

I was rummaging in my photo folder for today’s post.  And ooh look. I have endless pictures of sticks and branches in wheelbarrows. Sticks and branches lying in piles at the stables next to the chipper.

Sticks and branches lying beside the top road where we did a heavy prune of a chestnut tree. There were way too many water shoots (ie fifteen foot long branches growing out over the road.)

But even I am tired of this view. When I close my eyes at night all I see are sticks.

It is for a great cause.  I’m slowly mulching the dry garden.

But as even I am bored with what I see on the farm each day I thought you might like a shot of what I stare at in between bouts of feeding the chipping machine.

Gorgeous oaks.

Glowing in the low light. And far more majestic than a teetering wheelbarrow full of fodder for the machine.

We had overnight rain on Friday night which was marvellous. Half an inch of desperately needed moisture.

And the sky was bruised and brooding all day. A perfect distraction from the toil.