Quince blossom snow

Gusty day, quite an unexpected surprise. But luckily most of the fruit has set before this wind blew blossom all over the place. It felt like snow for a while there. And that was just from the quince blossom.

I had visitors   – lovely to show Lynn and Jeff around. Especially as they haven’t seen the garden for six months. And then I decided to just finish off a spot of mowing. Is this an addiction?  Possibly.  But it’s a way of wrestling a teensy bit of control from the wilderness.

mower up at parkingHere’s the grass up at the top of the property, near where we can walk into the forest, or park cars.  I knew it was only lush growth so I set my mower at walking pace and just waded in.

I need to make a path to this part of the garden as it’s my overflow compost bin. Somewhere back there. It’s also full of screeching birds and wonderful scents from hellebores.   I didn’t stay long so as not to disturb the birds, but I wanted to make it neat and ready to abandon for a bit. parking area tamed

And then it was but a skip across the road to the east garden where endless curves and a few laps later it was tamed.

east garden curvesThe wild boar have messed up my lawn here. Well an attempt at a lawn. There are a lot of patches of just plain soil.   And I have to scuff it back into a semblance of flatness each week or so.  I sowed grass seeds, but it’s just too dry to get any germination.   Rain is threatened this weekend, but I won’t believe it until I see it filling my rain gauge.

Oh yes, and then I went back to finish off the duck pond.   This entry is relentlessly green and obsessed. Sorry about that. I will get back to the vegetable garden shortly. duck pond done