Summer pruning

This is something I have never done before.

Rain, endless rain has forced all these dry garden plants into the most absurd lush growth.

Tall, fat, floppy. And that’s not me. Nor the cat.

She is absurdly well, thank you. But I did not appreciate the just after 5am caterwauling event outside the window.

It’s the foliage in the orchard.

The ballota and the eragrostis grasses have gone beyond jungly.

So I waded in one afternoon when it wasn’t wet and just hacked like mad.

The plan is to find the spaces where I want to move the irises (spot the glaring bright plant pots in among the foliage).

So I’m almost there. And have the word ‘irises’ tattooed on my forehead for tomorrow. After the market. After the walk. After tea.

There has never been a better time for soft soil and moist summer transplanting of the irises.

And speaking of growth. Apples. For the first season EVER we have a glut of apples. It feels like we live in a pleasant climate where luxuries like apples grow.

And weeds. And grass. I’ve never mown in August before.