Styling the Garden Room

Indeed. The Garden Room? Someone didn’t get the memo.

The Creature assumes it’s her room. And can get quite stroppy if I insist on doing my flower bucket and arranging work while she is trying to snooze.

I placate her with endless water from the barrel and a shake of dry food onto a table that used to be where I arranged flowers.

And that was the catalyst for this big change.

Well, that and trying to find a job that is cool during this hot summer.

The garden room is the space below our last renovation.

And I grabbed it as it is close to the potager (you can see out the arched window) and I was forever traipsing all the way to and from the potting shed with tools. Marvellous exercise but a slow business when pressed for time.

Way too neat! And I am not that sort of person. It was clutter-tastic in no time at all. Plus I didn’t factor in the wind that blows from the south through the arches and scattered my boards and even my flower buckets.

My problem was lack of storage. There are only so many random junk objects you can hide under the makeshift benches.

I remembered we had some metal shelves parked down in the stable which actually fit the space.

Sorry about this dreadful shot. But this is real gardening. Not insta life.

It took two days.

That’s so much better!

And of course I reinstated the long shelf along the back to hide the random sacks of Ikea bags and netting that I can’t quite sort.

And I even sorted my stakes and dead fencing bits.

And for a final bit of hide all sins. I just found a two metre long pole and draped a linen sheet over it and wedged it into the top of the shelf.

I could have ironed it before draping…

But life is way too short for that.

And the cat can have her very own table. And hopefully she won’t encroach too much on mine.