Strimming the easy bits

pool bank strimmedA quick perusal of the long To Do list over my toast and peanut butter this morning, and I decided to knock off a few easy strimming jobs just to be able to place a few ticks beside some of the details.


Why do you never see the scale of the garden in these pictures? This long bank below the swimming pool is huge.

And it suffered from last year’s flood water. I have a lot of introduced weeds from elsewhere higher up the mountain.

So I couldn’t just strim the way one does with wild grasses and a few random pests. Here it was a full on thwack into a thicket of hidden brambles and annoying wild mint. And nettles. to lo list

I’m going to have to invest in clothing that doesn’t show artistic goo splatters from all the plant matter that blows back at me.  I was a pyschedelic orange and green spots once this was over.

And I broke my own tank of petrol rule as I just didn’t get the job done.

And a terrace with a mullet of long growth at the far end is not a cheering sight.

So I filled the tank again and even snuck up to the top potager to do a nippy bit of strimming there.

I will need to cut back the asparagus soon. But the weather really hasn’t turned cold enough to warrant the job. One day. One day we will have proper winter chill.