Strawberry season

Stop me if you have already seen this today. I’m in between sorbet batches (one hour wait for each whizz in the blender) so what else can one do but sort pictures and write blog posts?

Well, the list is exceptionally long for indoor jobs. But as we have a heatwave of weather this week – every day over 35C – I am pacing myself.

But here you are with the combo of strawberry and rose petal jam.

Strawberry sorbet, and a whole freezer full of frozen strawberries for dessert or more likely on breakfast muesli.

The weather was so warm so early that my entire crop of Gertrude Jekyll roses are already over.

But I harvested fast and had just enough to do one more batch of jam.

And jam labelling the 31 jars of jams (apricot and strawberry and rose petal) will be on the list of things to do while hiding from the heat.

The strawberries came from a lovely young woman at the Thursday market. Plus Aude our market gardener across the way.

Just look at the inky dark rich hue on those berries. The flavour is divine.

Here are some of those glasses and the espresso cups I mentioned in the last post. Now I’m wishing I did the whole lot in the screw top lid jars.

It will be fun to bring out a basket of clinking jars for dessert and have people choose from the lucky dip suggestions.

Black currant, strawberry and now apricot. Just jostaberry… and maybe whitecurrant and lemon and I’m done. At this rate I’ll run out of jars. And I do not wish to do the two hour round trip just to find another 100.

And I still have the jostaberry jams to make in a week’s time. And maybe cherry… enough with the standing in front of a hot stove. I think I’ll save the cherry for the cordials and be done.

But then again a cherry sorbet could be playful. I’ll ponder that.