Stone shovelling

Lunch today – home grown potatoes, mushrooms from the forest, garlic from the vegetable bed. Only the eggs weren’t our own. One starts to have fantasies about self sufficiency when you can eat meals as memorable as that.

More stone moving in the afternoon and then we scattered grass seeds again over the lower terrace. I have reached my limit as a builder’s labourer with two days of stone work, so in an attempt to distract body and brain from the sysiphisian task, (no, I can’t spell it either. Typed that way it looks Armenian), I sowed containers of grass seeds up at the shed, lifted half a row of pink fir apple potatoes and placed all the little grass seedlings out into the open (shade) as we are going away to the Alps for a week.
Bit of caterpillar squashing and a long session of watering. Not a bad day’s work.