Stipa surgery

Here’s one I should have done earlier.   Today was the day I finally said goodbye to the garish red rose in the courtyard.  Â  And attended to the very sorry looking giant stipa in front.

The rose has gradually been cut back each year and as long as I keep on cutting, it should flower no more.   The rose has no scent, is electric red in colour, flops in a vase, and manages to clash with just about everything around it.

I don’t know why I’m trying to justify the removal of this beast.   It’s hideous.   And Ine (the previous owner who still haunts) will be the only one who will miss it.

The stipa is gamely holding on after a very hard winter.   I’ve pulled out a wheelbarrow load of dead grass and hope it will perk up.

The four others in the courtyard are fine and flowering well.   So the cold is not a factor in the survivability of the plants.   I just took my eye off the first one I ever planted.

Note side kick pretending to be a potted geranium on the table. He is a show off.