Start as you mean to go on

compostingI think I write this every year.  Weed the potager beds, cover each and every one with a thick layer of home made compost.

At least this time I’ve managed my first new year’s resolution.  Feed this soil.

I have come indoors for a cup of tea and a painkiller (overdoing it, now there’s a surprise) and to plot the next part of the project.

I have some manure that needs to be bagged up and dumped on the cabbage beds, which will be at the front and to the left of the central barrel this growing season.

And I need to get it done today as rain is forecast, and I don’t want to have to haul heavy bags of manure from the far end of the farm to this almost neat potager. compost binds

I didn’t think I’d have enough of my home made muck to get some onto every one of the 17 beds.  But there was plenty. And yes, here it comes, the photo you have all been looking and waiting for. Nay, yearning for. The compost bin contents.

Quite thrilling.

compostIt’s rich and dark and full of worms.  And heavy as can be. Hence the painkiller.

In the end I had to climb into the bin and dig the stuff out with a trowel and a bucket as I just couldn’t stand over and bend awkwardly into the appropriate shape.

Worth all the fuss.