squishingIt took ages. Two downloads of Great Lives and a few days worth of Farming Today programmes from the BBC.  That was my aural entertainment. And for physical fun I was squishing.

Yes, the cabbages, even under a net, have come under attack.

This is my crop in the potting shed. Extra cabbage that lives in pots, and I just harvest the leaves when I want to do stir fry.

I noted a few holes in the leaves a few days ago so decided to make this my late morning Put Off Real Work chore. butcher sign

Well the first procrastination was to go to the market. I didn’t linger, but the place was heaving and everything takes just a lot longer in summer.

I even had time to snap a picture of the sign in the butchers (I was queueing for a loooonnng time) where all their meat comes from. How’s that for provenance? Right down to the name of the meat breeder and where they live.

And it’s just a wonderful place. Not only do you get to chat with the entire village in the queue, but the owners are a lovely fun young couple, and their produce is fantastic. And inexpensive compared to most places in Europe.

snoringNeedless to say Aurelie Velit, the butcher’s wife, is on my flowers list. She loves them.

So that’s my gardening or procrastinating part of the day recorded. A few hours in the potting shed accompanied by the most tremendous snortling and snoring by Artur. He is right beside me in his favourite tin pot and so pleased to hear me moving about but not pestering him.  It’s not easy to purr and snore at the same time, but he manages it.