Springtime foliage in the barn garden

So there is social isolation. And there is social media isolation. I bet you were thinking that I was in the latter category.

Au contraire. I have just been so appalled by the aesthetic challenges of my garden this past fortnight, I didn’t have the heart to show you.

Well, I will. Because this is an honest account of what it is like to deal with a real garden. But for now I think I will ease you into the mess.

Pictures of the barn garden in Spring.

I ought to have been mooching about the place in that magical spring light -which takes place between around 6pm to 6 44pm.

But I always seem to be toiling away elsewhere.

So a slide show if you will.

The rosemaries; particularly Miss Jessop’s Upright are fantastic. If you are considering a rosemary, this is the winner. It has a vivid blue which does. not really show in my photo skills. And really is more upright in shape.

And of coarsen the mighty iris – now that I have pulled off the dying last year’s foliage, it looks fetching.

Everything else is crammed in and sort of burgeoning. Bright red species tulips in the ground, plus crocus. And the santolinas have been hacked back and poised for the off.

This is a wonderful time in the garden. A few more weeks and things will be madly, deliciously, out of my control.