Spring surge

There is just too much happening everywhere you look. Here in the courtyard the roses are starting to come into blossom. And the little Gertie Jekylls are starting to bud. Have to watch the greenfly of course, but so far they are not too devoured. And now that Nicolas has pruned the old French rose properly, it’s rather fetching.

The planter box that I call the mint prison is full to bursting. The mint was doing what mint does: invading all over the courtyard. I have managed to check its progress (don’t ask) and now have most of the plants confined to a large planter. If all goes well we will have enough mint to last a summer of spuds.

And the alliums (Purple Sensation) are well out in the herb bed right now. They are obviously in a spot which suits them as they are proud and tall and very dramatic. They are supposed to be growing at the same rate as the artichokes, but the little artichokes are still sulking. But they are putting on growth so will soon catch up. They are supposed to hide the rather hideous foliage of the dying alliums when they go over. But it may not happen this spring. I find the purples are rather dramatic growing up against the stone wall.

Hopefully the New Dawn roses which were planted in the autumn will eventually clothe these stones next year and add to the complexity.
Even the figs are budding well. The established tree is in good order. But unfortunately the newly planted ones were smited by the lawnmower. I forgot to give them appropriate fencing when I put them in, forgetting that they would be swamped by fresh growth of weeds by this time of the year. Must do better if I want more crops.