Spring blossom

I keep plodding past things that are just calling out to be snapped.

We are having a cool spring and with the added thrill of some rain. Not much, just little delights of 5mm here, a heavy shower there, and the best bits – overnight rain.

My favourite type of moisture. And the perfume from the wisteria on the front of the house is humming with bees and scenting the air.

There is that delicious battle between grass seeds germinating and the ants surging out of their winter nests and stealing all the carefully sown and raked seeds.

I think I’m winning. Just.

If I look up the mountain towards the newly installed water tanks I think I see grass growing over the dirt.

I still can’t haul my way up there. But I am doing careful laps down to the letter box (600 metre round trip) and working my way up to more permaculture bed work.

The crab apples are giving the most joy.

The newly planted ones are thriving: Neville? Norman? Neville Copeman.

It is glowing with blossom and I am so pleased I planted it right where I can peer at it from my office. Way down on the first terrace.

The other crab apples are healthy and even the monster one down on the lower terrace is blooming.

Makes you imagine it will be a bumper apple year.