clean potting shedThe potting shed is so neat and tidy Artur won’t go anywhere near it.

I suspect it’s because I’ve pimped his favourite drinking bowl – the enormous blue box he loves to climb into and sink paw deep into the water.  It’s now sitting inside a chic wooden apple crate.

He’s lucky I didn’t paint the box at the same time.

But he should settle soon. I’ve given him another wooden box to play with. And closed some of the south facing windows.

It was actually a windy and rather overcast day today. And rather good as it started to rain around tea time and saved me having to water the potager. I do like that. pots front door shed

I’ve cleaned out gutters, sorted all the mucky pots that have been flung outside the potting shed doors for months, and even weeded around the paths.

Oh, and I’ve stamped ineffectually near the two aquilegias I think the mole rat is eating. They are listing somewhat.  I suspect they won’t make it to Tuesday.

kangaroo pawsYes, Tuesday is the day when the garden gets photographed by Carla Coulson. A two day adventure for both of us.  I think I’ll be ready. Just a bit more tweaking and weeding of paths in the potager and a bit of a final mow.

It’s great to be given a deadline to get everything done you’ve been meaning to get round to.

I’ve even potted up all my sown from seed Kangaroo Paws and placed them in a fetching display. I wonder if they’ll flower this year.  That would truly be thrilling.

Not so thrilling were the other chores I gave myself – vacuuming and cleaning and tidying and bed making and airing and sorting.

But it’s done now and I quite fancy a cup of tea and a slouch on my newly dusted and tidied chaise longue in the potting shed.  notes on wall

All I need is a clingy cat to leap onto my lap (preferably before he has climbed into the water and emerged with very wet paws) and some time to actually look at the books in my little library at my side. They are all gardening themed, now there’s a surprise.

Instead it will be hot shower, pain killer (some of those pots were heavy) and a sit down with a wheat bag.

view potting shedOh, and one last shot. Here’s the view of the terrace bank from inside the potting shed.  It’s taking on some colour now which is great.  There is even a self seeded aquilegia in there. I just hope the mole rat doesn’t find it.

There are teasels nearby I’d hate to lose. And peonies. And phlox.