Six raised beds

This is going to be a brief photo essay. I’m too knackered to type.

Six raised beds. All filled with my permaculture layers. And bed number one planted up.

Peppers, parsley, dill and basil.

I have one last bed to plant – number six. Hiding behind that ugly green insect netting. That is going to go. I am on the hunt for mosquito screen netting that is sold by the metre in hardware stores…

The layers of material – logs, branches, sticks, old compost, soil, rotted horse manure, decent soil, compost, mulch were at hand for bed number six.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am to reclaim the soft fruit orchard which has looked dreadful for months.

And the endless sacks of Ikea blue bags …

… and random piles of good mulch I have been trying to hide from you in every shot.

I ran out of the rotted compost for bed number one. So yesterday was one of those plodding days when you just have to commit to the project and not moan about how far the compost pile is from the potager.

The mulch for the final layer – chipped way back in the first week of January – was down the road near the letter box.

I cheated and used the car to collect the twenty five Ikea sacks I used to fill the entire mulch pile. I’m so pleased not to have to walk past that every day.

So. There you have it. I still need to finish the last of the gravelling of the paths near the end of the potager. And then turn my attention to the soft fruit orchard.

But for now. Let me just stand on the new extension being built and gaze and gaze.