September flower bouquets

Well at least it’s prettier than showing a bouquet of courgettes every month. No visit to the potager is complete without finding yet another of the miracle veg hiding in the undergrowth.

For those of you who think there has been a surfeit of flowers this month, I do apologise. But everything just cranks up right now after the fantastic soaking rain of early September.

It’s a riot of colour. And the bouquets are being shared around with great alacrity.

No walk round the mountain feels complete without a vase in hand to sneak outside someone’s front door. I am the queen of the surreptitious gift on the doorstep.

And everyone is relieved they are not courgettes.

My greenery this month is mainly the new growth on the viburnum tinus shrubs in the shade garden. They look electric in this fabulous September low light.

And I definitely want to plant more zinnias next year. Good solid thick stems and a great contrast to the frankly exuberant dahlias.

Creature never missing an opportunity to photo bomb the flower shots in the hallway.

Even the sunflowers are pumping out blooms right now. Some of the multi stems have bowed down under the sudden weight of so many flowers. So they aren’t the star of the show. Wonky stems with flowers growing sideways to the light defeat even my ‘artful’ arrangements.

And it feels like any surface is fair game for an arrangement. Dahlias, roses, random bits of amaranth that hasn’t been strung up to dry.

I took Christine’s excellent advice and have some vases full of a mixture of glycerine and water to see if I can dry these sedums. (Two parts boiling water, one part glycerine. Cooled to tepid and then about two inches – err, 5cm – in a not too overfull vase.)

Let’s see if the colours stay a bit more luscious pink rather than the faded glory of the pink sedums on the left that I just left to soak up some water and then dry.

I’ve never had such a display of sedums before. And they are going to be shoved in every bouquet for another few weeks at least.