September blooms

I do love the sedum Autumn Joy colour this year.   I guess they needed the baking summer to really bring the colour along. I do recall last year they were a bit muddier in hue.   Or was I just distracted by other chores?

Or even more probably, I look at flowers for their vase potential more.   Flowers every Thursday for my market friends means that I have to start looking around on Wednesday and see what can fill a vase.

Last week it was sunflowers.   And two Gertie Jeykll roses for Manu and Isabelle (goat’s cheese and honey sellers respectively).

This week it’s a collection of sedums, cosmos, agastache and the flowering pannicles of my pannicum grass.   That was an Andrew tip. They are a bit too tall right now, I’ll move them down to be closer to the sedums and cosmos tomorrow morning before I drive up.