Senior moments and crochet blankets

Today was to be a morning of more weeding and refining the netting around the vegetable bed. I put up the plastic cloches over the emerging swiss chard shoots. And then in a flurry of activity pulled down the old peas and broad bean supports. This makes things look rather bare, but oh so much tidier.

As I plodded up and down the bed I would randomly squish bugs off the cabbage plants- some of which are resembling crochet blankets. Very holy.

Then as the heat became a bit much and I found myself up at the potting shed (senior moment, no idea why I was there) I potted up some French beans. Must remember next year to put in lots more. And earlier. My ‘crops’ of French beans are in single digit figures. No glut there.

Then back down to the vegetable garden where I was poised to sow a new row of carrots: but found I had brought out a packet of yellow swiss chard seeds instead. I’m not planting that in the ground. They are going into the safety of the shed for a few months first before I dare to send them out to the jaws of resident deer.

We had guests for lunch and had to endure a rather emphatic rain storm. Not good for lunch under the vines, but perfect weather for mushrooming. So after our four course feast it was up to the forest to try our hand at scavenging. Girolles galore. This despite the fact our previous owner had stalked off half an hour before us and nabbed the best ones.

Then back in the late afternoon to rummage about the seed box. I want to try and get more carrots in the ground, more beetroot and more beans. But they arent  going in until I have cleared a plot, put down weedproof fabric and then cut a hole for the seeds. This weeding is soul destroying. And preventing me from being creative in this large garden. I spend all my time head down, grubbing out unwanted weeds. I start to see them in my sleep.