Seed sowing

seedsI’m done. For now.

All my spring and summer crops are sown, germinating, pricked out, potted on.

toomanytomatoesAnd it is always the time of the year I start to think who else wants these zillions of tomato seedlings. Each and every one germinates..

IMG_5898And I’m too wimpy to throw the spares away.IMG_5899


arturtroubleI did have to put a bit of a late burst in when I realized that I have forgotten to sow summer purple sprouting brocolli. And I don’t have enough cucumbers. It may be a bit too warm for some things in the shed.  But I am opening all the windows and doors in the daytime and watering and misting.

And of course there is the added thrill of the keeper of the seeds.  Or as he would probably style himself The Keeper of the Seeds.

He is frankly nothing but trouble. There are just too many temptations for him.  I water the seedlings, he climbs in among the seedlings. I get the ladder to tame the virginia creeper, he staggers up the rungs.

arturtrouble2Missing hammer next to the muscari? He’s sitting on it.

He is very entertaining in that exaspterated way.  And he will be forgiven anything if he stays off the fragile plants.  arturtrouble1