Sarah’s path planted up

sarah's path planting 1At last I can show you pictures of the little shelf of shrubs I have planted next to Sarah’s path.

When you stand near the potting shed and look up toward the top hedge, you can see a horizontal chestnut branch.

That’s the front of the little shelf.

At first I placed the log behind the plants, and then realised that it needed to go in front. It’s narrow. Barely a foot wide. But I added a few shrubs just above a very poor rock wall I made a few years ago. sarah's path planting

It’s one of my walls where I just lob all the stones I unearth from weeding and find I have such a large pile I can make something of them.  So the shade garden now is on three tiers.

The main shade garden (which Artur loves as he can snooze under the larger shrubs even on sunny days.) the little ledge above the stones and then the narrow shelf just below Sarah’s path.

artur woken upI have mulched the entire area with grass cuttings; but I will need to put down proper chippings later this season. I keep putting off the huge chipping job I need to do. I don’t know why; maybe because it’s such a noisy job.

But I will do it soon, this warm weather is causing all sorts of havoc. I have roses blooming, and weeds suddenly realising they can get up and out of the bare earth and get growing, even though it’s deep into autumn.