Santolina pruning part 1

I’ve just found the toggle block inserter button.

Is that even a phrase?

It certainly helps me write paragraphs. And give you a bit of warning before you see the following pictures.

Oh yes. The mighty wondrous santolinas. The blocks of delight I seem to have inserted all over this Mediterranean garden.

Believe me, they really are wonderful plants.

Unless you neglect to prune them at just the right time.

They will sit in this delicious mound of scented delight for about two weeks.

And then if you have a spot of unseasonable rain…

They flop.

The weight of all those fluffy pompoms drags them over.

And then you either have to move fast.

Harvest what you can to dry them in little bunches which don’t really sparkle.

Shove them into every single flower bouquet you make.

Or hack them back hard and feel really, really guilty at making such an almighty mess.

And make sure you capture them with your camera at just the right time before they go over.

And claim you have created a gorgeous well considered landscaped Mediterranean garden.