successful propagationEnough moaning, on with the good news.   My first cuttings have worked.   Here’s the first pot of little plants growing on after being cut in September.

I’ve potted them up and they have joined the already crowded looking potting shed of plants.   And the rest of the plants are misted three times a day.   I have no idea if they are taking, but it’s fun to mist and you get into a nice routine.   Morning, noon and late afternoon, zap like mad with the spray nozzle of water.   cerinthe cuttings

I also have here the cerinthe cuttings which have outgrown their pots.   These little wretches are self sowing all over my vegetable garden.   But luckily Andrew is keen to take them, so I have potted them on and hope they don’t grow any more before Wednesday when I go down and visit.

misting workOh, that’s annoying, Artur’s head has been cut off in this shot.   He loves the misting process for some reason.   He isn’t fearful of water at all.   Let’s see if I can get him in another picture of the potting shed.   It’s sunny there by about midday so he can always be found curled up somewhere in a comfy spot.

What else is there to be cheerful about? I have finally planted out my two goosberries from Teo.   They are down in the soft fruit orchard, next door to yet another small jostaberry plant. And a few feet from the large and happy Melrose apple tree. planted gooseberries

I need to do a lot of weeding there as the thornless blackcurrant is ambling about too much.   But as it’s not on the list I’ll have to let it pass. This month.