Rationing the delights

1stterraceI’m being good. Limiting myself to just one petrol tank’s worth of fuel when I haul out the strimmer.

And believe me, it’s tempting to just keep going. You stand at the top of the terrace and gaze down at endless weeds.  But I have learnt my lesson from overdoing it last month.  Restraint.

Not something that gets exercised on this farm.

Here is the first terrace below the road. Nicely tidied and neat. Ready for its winter season.

I had actually done most of the work last month, but there was a tuft left. A twenty foot tuft of the nastiest brambles and vinca on the steepest part of the slope.

Plus some more nettles which had resprouted in just a few weeks since the last pass.

Sigh. This mild weather is wreaking havoc on my chore list.  secondterraceI have usually done these terraces and put them to bed until April at least by now.

I had just enough petrol to start working my way into the second bank on the next terrace.

This one isn’t as steep; but I have to be a bit deft as I am permitting a few wild cherry seedlings to take hold. So I need to steer carefully as I thwack into the bracken and long grass.

It was soggy work.  But oh so satisfying. If I’m lucky, I can do a bit more tomorrow.