Protecting kale from slugs

Ah, one of those super quick missives written on a train. Yes, neglect has been the order of the week.

So without further ado. Behold the gentle art of sharing ideas.

Lisa found this image in a blog from a Tasmanian permaculture grower and passed it on to me.

I was trying to find out a way to protect my small kale seedlings from the ravages of slugs. I’m not ready to net the entire space as you can see I have very few plants ready at this early spring (well, end of winter) season.

So a nifty solution.

I went out and bought four small wire rubbish bins. Buried them a bit in the ground, held them down with pegs (we have had massive storms in London this past week), and my little seedlings are safe.

Actually it is more to keep the pigeons off than stop the slugs. Tiny Kiel slugs will get through this barrier. But when you have your netting in one garden and your need for netting in another….

That’s it. That’s it? Paltry! Not worth opening the link.

Okay, have some shots of my lavender bank. I have done the first winter cut back. A most aromatic task..

And even cut back the ones in the dry garden edge. They really have thrived now that the fence has come down. More sun.

And believe me it’s a delicate job now that the plants have bulked out and filled the bed.

Tip toeing with great care.

I need to finish off about twenty more lavender shrubs that are further around the lavender bank. But as it’s a building site and every step is a trip hazard I don’t dare approach. Which is a shame because nothing beats ticking these late winter jobs off the list.

Rats the train is slowing and we are coming into Valence. That will teach me spending most of the journey filing away photos. I ought to have been writing. Amends. Amends.