You must all be in shock. Four blog posts in two days. What on earth is going on?

This is what is going on.

We have snuck down to Girona for a week.

This holiday was booked way back in January before All The Events. And we decided to actually take time out and regroup. I was reluctant as there is just so much to do at this time of year (well, let’s face it, all times of the year).

This lovely city for me means walking, walking, walking. And planning projects. It’s such a lovely city for strolling. Plus way too many excellent cafes. And the only ripe avocados I get to eat in our part of Europe.

Although I could do without the constant reminders of my scorched cypress trees back at the farm. The ones here are just gorgeous.

And one of the nicest things about not working outside all day is the chance to update blog posts.

Well, re-doing the entire Farm Tour section with updates of the images is one ambitious step too far. Let’s just be relieved that I can shove some of my gardening in Sydney stories out there first.

But first a few projects closer to home.

The big reveal.

What is behind the kitchen / office door?

Is that light I can see?


After 15 years of a very dark cave of an office I have joined the sun.

Gorgeous French windows leading to a very beautiful simple terrace.

Just last week Solene and I had the inauguration ceremony by sitting down and having a cup of tea together.

And if you sit just so you can’t see any gardening projects. Just the glorious mountain view. And lower terraces and the possibility of catching sight of a deer. And hopefully not a troupe of wild boar.

It’s marvellous.

And a quick reminder of how the east end of the house used to look before we installed the terrace and French windows.


And it even makes me try and keep a sort of tidy room.

And as an encore for projects may I offer you Etienne’s latest.

Proper chestnut shelves in our pantry. The ugly radiator (which didn’t work) is hidden behind a sliding chestnut panel.

I had of course wanted to sort all the shelves before I snapped the shot.

That’s for when I get back.