Potting up

Oh joy, the vegetable bed is still intact. I squelched out there this morning first thing to have a look. And despite a rather sustained storm that lasted for hours last night, I even have mulch between the rows as well.

Relieved that the whole afternoon wasn’t wasted I set about a major potting up session. First off was to collect the molehill soil from the lower terrace. Wonderful stuff, crumbly and hopefully weed free, I have molehills a plenty. Mixing it with a rather indifferent supermarket potting compost (our garden centre is closed on Mondays, but I had to go up to town first thing) I found it was almost okay for the huge amount of seedlings.

First I potted up the two eggplant and pepper plants into the large window box sized planter. They are going to be neglected for two weeks later this month so I have to do everything I can to maximise the moisture retaining qualities of these bigger plants. They are going to become desiccated in their little pots in no time.
The same thing had to happen to the tomato plants. I have six marmandes and six super steak varieties, and they needed bigger pots and lots of water. The potting shed looks gorgeously lush with all these plants now.

And then came the major quantities: 28 pots of land cress, 49 rockets, 28 curly Russian kales, 20 agastache liquorice blue, 21 red bor kale and three nasturtiums. So much fun. Occasional rainstorms pattered the roof of the shed as I worked away. Very repetitive but intensely satisfying.

I really want to get stuck into the pea sticks and bean supports. But I can’t have another whole day in the garden. More painting awaits in the guest house. If the rain holds off (and they aren’t promising it) I may get a few hours in tomorrow.