Potting shed house arrest

autumn brassicasI strimmed, and completely forgot to take a picture of the results. The second terrace has been mostly tamed. I need to go one more time to get even more bloody brambles out of the stone walls.  But it looks so much better than at 8 o’clock this morning.

And why did I stop at the measly hour of 915am? Only two replacement stimmer wires in?  It rained. Well, it sprinkled. Enough for me to do a jig of happiness and race up to the house.

Tools away, I wandered up to the potting shed to spray some mist on my cuttings which I have under the staging and shuffle round the pots.

And then it rained a bit more. So much so that Artur came in from the garden and actually wanted me to sit on the chaise longue and scratch his ears. Bliss.  So I stayed.

And then I took yet more santolina cuttings. I’m experimenting with different types of compost. And different sized pots.  I’m baffled as to why I have no success with my cuttings this year. So I’m changing down to smaller pots and trying to keep them a bit drier.

We shall see.