Potager flowers

It has been a great start for the sunflowers in the potager this year.  I tried to plant them in the central sections around the climbing French bean poles.   But inevitably there are some that come up wherever they choose.

And in the spirit of a French vegetable garden I leave them be.   One of the sunflowers in the broad bean bed is over eight feet high.   Luckily it’s one of my favourite rust coloured ones. Autumn beauty perhaps. So I shall cut it hard when I pick the first lead flower and get plenty of branching blooms after that.

This one is monstrous. And in the right place.   Right in among the salad and chards.   A keeper.

It’s hard to photograph them well; but here is a playful little grouping.

My hedge of sunflowers to the far left of the potager is coming along too.   But they are a bit slower to flower as I only planted them last month.   But I hope to have a nice tall flowering hedge in no time.   It makes a lovely contrast to the granite wall. And who knows, it might even deter deer.