cherries 2011 dawnEverything is just poised to explode here: the tulips are just about to emerge into flower, the wallflowers in the barrell in the middle of the potager are popping out;even the alliums on the pool bank are about a day off turning into a sea of purple.   Very exciting indeed.

But here is something that has finally gone beyond poised to pretty: the cherry blossom. It is devilishly tricky to photograph, but I got up early and tried again. beans 1

But on the more mundane crop front, the excitement has to be the beans.   I have quite a selection this year and they are emerging with a ferocity that is a touch scary.   Turn your back and they grow a bit more. beans

I have written my list; I’m ready for the off.

tulips lilac gardenBut I must pause and take a few snaps of the tulips just coming out.   They almost look better in their nearly there stage, rather than the blowsy open and threatening to flop moment later in the season.

They have all come back in the lilac bed and under the wisteria.   It’s such a relief to know they made it through the winter, and survived any hungry rodents or rot. april planters courtyard