Play nicely now

cosmos and beesSharing. I swear I had to stand stock still for almost two minutes just now.

I ducked down while the kettle was on to grab a small posy of flowers for my desk.

And no sooner had I cut them and was about to turn out of the potager and walk back to the house when a huge bumble bee descended.

a small posyNow this is a garden where we share. So I stook still while the slow moving beast went from flower to flower in my hand. The clock was ticking; I thought I could hear the kettle singing.

But I had to wait. It’s a good thing it was only a small posy. The kettle would have boiled dry had I waited any longer.  The bee finally lumbered off, loaded with pollen and I dashed to the house.

Now where’s that tea pot. I’m parched.