Planting Italian cypresses

This was my reward. I finally managed to plant the Italian cypresses in the steep lawn bank.

Can you see them? It’s tricky as they are so small.  But they are in.

And that was because after three days of endless work, I felt I could take a break from cutting the ornamental grasses and actually do something creative.

And let this be a design lesson for you. I took my time.  I had timidly thought of planting the cypresses in a line.  It’s a linear area after all.  All straight rows and solid horizontals.

So I placed them exactly two metres apart and felt quite pleased. Channelling my inner vegetable garden designer.

And then looked and looked. Every time I took a break from cutting back endless grasses I considered the design.

And it was wrong.

So I spent a day placing them in a different way.  Plodding up the bank and then racing down to look and look.

I’m actually working on quite a few levels here which you won’t notice for a few years. There are two cypresses on the level above.  So there is a method to this rather random placement.

Right enough gush. Back to the toil.