One week of heat. No rain and some tremendous temperatures.   I was curious to see just what made it through my absence.   And on the whole, things are fine.

My sunflower hedge has some leaves which are definitely drooping in that ‘what took you so long with the hose?’ look, and my basil babies are just hanging on.   But some things do surprise me.

My cabbage patch. This is usually my problem plant as the soil is really too acidic for healthy brassicas.   I did put lime on this spring, so maybe it has paid off.

Right now it is looking perky and lush and oblivious to the climate. I had to take pictures of the little dears inside their cloches as for once. The cloches work!

No trapped cabbage moth butterlies inside this time. And believe me, that’s a huge improvement.

The red cabbage variety isn’t hearting up, so I will use it for leaves in stir fry.   But these are definitely destined for something more grand.

And my newest little garden is just fine. Heat wave? What heat wave? And all three plant varieties have put on growth.   The eragrostis grass, gaura and verbena flowers all look fine.

I had to do a teensy bit of weeding, but nothing drastic.   The only threat to the plants in this garden is going to be of the animal variety.   Horses and hares.

We have a very large hare who seems to have made his home somewhere close to the house. In the forest I suspect. But twice now he has been caught bounding away when we drive up.

And here is a close up of the mighty beast sitting in the middle of the thyme plants on the east garden.

He did that brilliant hare trick of standing stock still and thinking that if he didn’t move, then he wouldn’t be seen. Despite the fact that he sticks out like a hare on a lawn.

Tomorrow I’ll take more pictures of the lilies which are all starting to flower.