Now there’s a surprise

weeding pathI didn’t wake up with sciatica, but boy have I paid for my exertions of the day before.  This has not been a productive day.

Yes, my back aches and aches and I’m an idiot for doing too much.

So a lot of the day was spent sitting down (in the sun) weeding and then going in for cups of tea.

I have planted up a narrow shelf of land above the shade garden with the shrubs I bought at Vachon.

They were intended for the iris bank but I’m having second thoughts about planting there.

So with a few of my propagated prunus lusitanica and viburnum tinus, and potted up euphorbias from other parts of the garden, I have now a new planting area.

I can’t take a photo of it as it’s under the shade of the oak tree; and the sun was blazing and dappled and all my shots turned out speckled. artur in catmint heaven

Artur was my close supervisor today. If you think snoozing in the sun between the shrubs was supervisory.

But he woke up when I started weeding the barn garden. All that catmint (nepeta) had to be pruned back and boy did he come to life then.

I didn’t even notice he was there until I heard some gutteral growls behind me.

Never get between a cat and his drug of choice. I left him to it and kept on with my cutting back.  I didn’t even dare to clear the cuttings away and put them on the compost heap.  I just downed tools and wandered inside.

Tomorrow he will be back into the sun and I can safely clear everything up.  And hopefully I will be sprightly again.  Lots still to do.