November flowers

Now here’s a surprise. Flowers in November. And not just dried ones; although they feature here.

My fingers are freezing from a massive weeding session out in the soft fruit orchard. But happy freezing. I am making huge progress in a major redesign. But you aren’t going to see that yet. I have days and days before I can get it sorted.

So while we are all waiting with baited breath for that great reveal…

Have some flowers.

And more particularly, have some roses. They are still flowering out there now. And in a few days it will be December. That has never happened before.

I’m pleased to see the inky dark Munstead Wood roses going again. It gives me confidence to put in more effort and actually prune them this winter and give them some love.

Sedums, some last dahlias, viburnum tinus berries, choiysias, viburnum greenery (last so long in the vase!) These are the stalwarts of the very autumn selection.

And of course I have looted hydrangeas. And am now putting some dried blooms in among the fresh ones. It helps to put a plastic bottle inside the copper pot so I can shove the dry ones in around the edges and cram the centre with the water.

And the wreaths are starting now.

I’ve made two for neighbours and friends. But I need to start more so I have plenty to give away.

I’m going to have to come up with a better backdrop if I am going to photograph them in a more attractive setting.

It’s too dark and too cold to prop them up in the hallway now. It’s bad enough having the front door open to let in the cat.

It’s freezing out there. But I love this sunny winter weather.