Non secateur

Potager mid augustAt long last I have found them. I was watering the basil in the potager and there they were: secateurs hiding in among the carrots. They are a teesny bit rusty from an enforced five days in the open, but at long last I can keep up with my list.

I’ll have to clean and sharpen them first. And then launch in. Well, in between loads of laundry in the guest house.   But it’s a sunny day and I have time.

I did a quick lap up to the potting shed first thing to see if the storm last night yielded any rain. None; but it did give me pause to enjoy my lovely summer bulbs in the calabert garden en route. calabert bank

Then to water the cabbage right up at the top of the vegetable bed, a brief dousing everywhere else, and then on to the mirabelles.

mirabelle huntingThey are dropping like mad and sending the wasps just as mad with all the   sugar and juice. I’ve already made 21 small pots of jam from the first harvest.   But what to do with the rest? I was thinking of following Jean’s great idea of stewing them, mashing them and then turning them into a fruit sorbet.   But first they have to be picked.   So down with the dust sheets and tarps and that way I can catch most before they roll down into the garden near the pool. mirabelle jam august