Night moves

Honesty harvestI know, I know. I am behind with the news. To my shame I just cannot seem to update the garden work, entertain house guests, paint ceilings, make jam and travel back and forth to London and update this blog.

So I do apologise for having all the news dangling for so long.

Thalia plantedI shall just launch in. Yesterday Andrew came up for the afternoon bearing such lovely gifts. New eurphorbias to try. The achillea terracotta I have been yearning for. And my order of bulbs. Humungous quantities of tulips and daffs and a few crocus snowbuntings to add to the collection.

My gifts of honesty, cabbage seedlings, cornflower plants and jams didn’t seem a fair swap.

Luckily I don’t need to get the tulips in before November. And most of those are going into the new planters that I have to paint. And in case you have wondered if I ever put the planters together. Here is the proof. Planters ready to paint

But the daffodils need to meet the soil very soon.

So last night. And it really was the night by the time I finished the first batch, I buried the Thalia daffodils in the soil in front of the house. This morning I need to do the next hundred. And in quick time. Travel day today.Thalia planted 2

And doesn’t it look like a herd of wild boar have been through the grass?

The other daffs need to go into the bank below the fig trees. Well, one fig tree and two very small and spindly sticks. But I need to strim the catmint first. And wait and see if the water diviner can find the old source that is lurking under the tree.