New shoots

cabbage detailI used to do all my seed sowing in spring and then spend the rest of the season tending to them all summer.  But I’m trying t sow more successively this year.  And that means getting out the seed packets and making more veg.

This summer I have had a blitz on the brassica section and here is the new crop.

They are still tiny seedlings but in a week or so, they will be large enough to prick out into individual pots.

And I have to watch carefully how I leave them on the potting shed benches.

I can’t leave them all flat as that would prove too inviting a spot for my assistant. new seedlings

He loves lying on cool soil in the heat of the day and what could be better than cool soil with little soft green bits to cushion the hard edges of the seed trays?  If he did you would here the shrieking all the way back at the house.

He is a dear cat, but he has form when it comes to crushing young plants.

repotted kangarooAnd speaking of young plants.  Here are my mighty anigozanthus plants. They are looking healthy and happy as I potted them up a level this weekend.

But not flowering.  I really have to be brave and plunge them out into the garden in their pots.  They won’t survive our cold winters outdoors being native Australian plants. But I just gaze and gaze at these little plants knowing they were grown from seed three years ago and haven’t died.  Maybe they will flower next year.  Because let’s face it, you only grow them for their amazing flower shape. geranium potted on

I moved the geraniums out of their terracotta pots as well.  It’s just too much watering work when these porous pots get thirsty.  So hopefully it will mean less work as the weather heats up yet again. What a summer, and it’s only July.