Narcissus bridal crown in a garden setting

1shade garden springOver the top.  That’s the display in the shade garden right now.

I went bulb mad last autumn and can now see the results of my frenzy.

Talk about a carpet of nacissus bridal crown and swathes of fantastic bright blue muscari.

I chortle everytime I walk up to the potting shed. There is nothing dainty about drifts of double narcissus.  Nothing dotted about.  Just a sea of colour and scent. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

1shade garden right sideThe shade garden is a predominantly shrub garden for most of the year. But in spring I get to go a bit mad and watch the bulbs grow up and supply me with an early armful of flowers for the house and for friends.

The honesty is about to come out too. There is one purple stalk in the front of the picture.  That will be the next garish carpet of colour.

I do love spring. It has come in with a rush this year.  Even though the weather is blustery, it was 17C in the garden today.  And I felt it as I mulched and did a spot of light weeding. And endless painting. We have some new carpentry that needs undercoat and a few top coats. So I dragged my work outside and sat smiling in the sunshine and I worked.  I could get used to this.