Mountain morning

The quiet joy of being back.

The delight of silence.

I have had a good stomp around the garden. Wild boar damage is minimal. Badger activity very enthusiastic. Hedgehogs minor. Drought apparent.

But all quite good.

I was musing that September is probably my favourite month of the year in this garden. It is still verdant and warm. But the light changes and the mountains glow. And one of my favourite plants bursts into colour.


I missed them.

They’ve ‘gone over’. Everywhere. And that’s such a shame as I love that forlorn hope of being able to pick and dry them and preserve that electric crimson colour.

It never works. So I guess my absence has saved me from that folly for once. And the virginia creeper is colouring well and dying prettily all over the potting shed.

It takes me a few days to get back into the real work of making this garden.  So to dither with purpose I have done just two things. Six bouquets of flowers from the cut flower garden.

And tomatoes.

Good glut.

I’ll get back into the swing of things shortly. All this flitting across the planet takes time to settle.