More indoor crops

Eh? Indoors? That looks more like the great outdoors to me.

And you are right. We did a sneaky out of our one kilometre zone a few days ago. We hadn’t planned it. We are after all being obedient citizens during this lockdown. But the lure of the nightingales were too much.

There comes a point on our path through the forest around the mountain where you can sensibly plod home….

Or walk here.

The hamlet of Boucharnoux. Just gorgeous.

It’s the one delight of this part of the Ard├Ęche; the landscape changes so often at such short intervals.

I try not to stop too often on my fast walk each day. If I slow I will notice how painful the forest trail is underfoot. But a prairie with field scabious…

I did use a filter to make this a bit warmer in colour. But sometimes during this relentless Covid lockdown you can feel down…

So. To the potting shed.

The crops are coming along. I’ve potted up all the plants I bought. Using, eking out the last of the compost.

So they can sit and mooch in the shed for another ten days or so. Time enough, I hope for the last raised beds to be built.

And while I’m waiting I can watch the grass growing.

I sowed grass seeds in trays which feels indulgent. But there are so many ants about, I don’t have enough grass seed to risk sowing it into the new path and see it looted and taken to a nest.

I’m going to rue covering the seeds with the vermiculite.

Or letting so many yellow irises flower.