Many happy returns

artur leapWell the birds appreciated the sack of sunflowers I emptied onto the feeder. The horses were happy with their slightly bruised apples. But Artur is Cross.

Here he is about to leap onto my lap for some purring affection. But boy was I beguiled. It lasted no more than a minute before I received a swipe with some paws – and claws – and a tongue lashing about neglect.

There was growling and a touch of hissing. I think he is very unhappy with my long, long absence. That, or he was just annoyed that I woke him up from his snooze in a fleece lined box in the potting shed. And I’m going to have to work very hard to win his forgiveness.

Cats. Complicated.

My mood is less complicated. I’m just so happy to be back.

It has rained like a drain non stop and it’s still raining now. But I’m not to be deterred. paperwhite

I went up to the potting shed to rescue the huge zinc container of paper white narcissus that was blooming away in the chill environment.

Right now they are scenting the entire living room and  making me pleased I went over the top in my mass planting spree.

I have a few smaller pots for Elodie. What a wonderful friend; she came a few days ago to put on the central heating so it was almost toasty when I arrived last night. I didn’t even need to go to bed wearing a beanie. But I was grateful for the electric blanket.